Vinyl Pool Liners, why not to use on your pool.

To explain why not to renovate a pool using a vinyl liner is easy. Vinyl is a material that stretches and loses form easily. In a very short period of time from what looked like a nice finish you'll see the issues appear. Vinyl pool liner issues typically are rippling of the material and stretching out of shape thus not sitting flush with the concrete pool surface. When these issues repair, we recommend removal and a long lasting durable concrete plaster surface as any repairs to the vinyl are temporary at best.


Example of why not to us vinyl liners for pool renovations

This is a perfect example of why not to line your concrete pool with a vinyl liner, it simply will not last with rippling and stretching in a very short period of time. Lucky for this Perth pool owner we renovated with a concrete pool finish and the pool will now last many years problem free.