Why you should not fibreglass over concrete pool.

Fibreglass used on the surface of concrete pools will not provide a quality long lasting finish. Often fibreglass will quickly lose adhesion and lift from the concrete in one or more places. Though initially the finish can look nice, the long term result can be very very expensive when it requires replastering properly. To put it simply, fibreglass doesn't offer the longevity of a concrete plaster renovation. A premium plaster renovation will provide you the ultimate high quality long lasting pool. Concrete Pool Reno's Perth, Western Australia has perfected its own developed pool plaster that will provide long lasting premium finishes for your concrete pool.

Perth home concrete pool example

This Perth home concrete swimming pool was renovated with fibreglass over concrete and unfortunately in a short space of time its cracked and peeled. Concrete Pool Reno's Perth was able to rectify this with a long lasting concrete pool plaster finish after the fibreglass was properly removed.

Large shire concrete pool example

Where large pools are involved the stakes are higher to get a pool renovation right from the start. Here in this picture you can see that the fibreglass surface has cracked and peeled. Only a concrete plaster surface can provide a long lasting reliable renovation.

Concrete Pool Reno's full renovation of faulty fibreglass Perth pool example.

Close up of damaged fibreglass pool lining

An example of a concrete pool with a damaged fibreglass layer where Concrete Pool Reno's completed a full renovation using concrete plaster.

Concrete pool showing cracked fibreglass

A wider shot of this pool. As you can see, its not in great shape, the fibreglass pool surface has cracked and peeled.

Completed Renovation

Completed Perth Concrete Pool renovation. The faulty fibreglass was removed and replaced with concrete plaster. The client couldn't be happier.